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Selecting a role

Select the role that allows the person to perform the tasks they need to do:

Permission Administrator Administrator Assistant Treasurer Coach Volunteer Coordinator
Account x x x
User management x x
Custom skin x x x
Organization/payment x x
Volunteer Management x x x x
View people record and send email x x x x x
Register an athlete, edit people profile, charge miscellaneous fees, and view order history x x x
People - Volunteer commitment x x x x
People profile -Meets x x x x
Hosting meet x x x
Attending meet x x x
Manage program x x x
Email x x x x x
Meet overview, meet entry, and meet result x x x
Report - Meet entry fee report, Roster report, and Waiver reports x x x
Report - Meet eligibility report and Top ranking report x x x
Report - Volunteer report x x x x